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I know a decent number of high school upperclassmen girls now for non-creepy work related reasons. Instead of experimenting before "real life," they use it as a way to avoid it and don't even think about growing up. There are plenty of people in college and graduates that act like they are still in highschool.

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Comparatively, if you are 50, you can date someone who is Does she have Down's too? We became incompatible because my college experience widened the gap so much.

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I went to college, I wasn't ready for it, my lack of motivation and foresight caused me to drop out of two different universities. I believe more weight is on what kind of person they are.

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Think about it this way, are you the same person that you were when you first graduated high school and went to University? A few years gap between 2 sexes is not awkward or weird.

MelancholyDane Registered User Posts: I thought she was a child, and was like 'dude'.

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I'm sure many relationships have been successful with that high school senior dating college senior of age gap. For dating someone younger than you, the rule is that you can date someone who is your age divide by 2 and then add seven.


My girlfriend who is now 23 never went to college, but we still have a lot in common. I get annoyed with women my own age 22I can't imagine it being better when calculator dating younger.

I will never date a girl that much younger again. And sexually, it is dating pyrex nesting bowls whole different world between the ages.

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But for most people it retards life rather than enhances it. The man that graduated from college was not the boy who began four years earlier.

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Search titles only Posted by Member: Would laugh and get awkward boner again. Someone out of high school more often than not will be on another planet compared to a 22 year old. There've been good times and bad times, but that's all relationships. Granted, you probably won't, but you never know.