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Style boutique 2 dating, how to date ricky?

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Girls who love to express their own unique style will enjoy the options. Style Boutique Question and Answers: Id beaten the international contest about I am just going to play this game and see if he does date me without cheats and see if it works Posted: And did this work for anyone else? It looks like i am going to be dating dominic and we're close to becoming a couplebut i'm worried That renee will hate me be cause in my game she likes him too she actually loves him.

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Ricky first appears when Sophie and the player are looking round Caprice Chalet. Gals just think i hav better fins to do tan tis!!!

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How do you date dominic? It is possible that he harbours feelings holland free dating site the player, after the third fashion show he will ask the player to dinner. Dear "i'm on my way", renee will hate you.

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I served her good but my friend didn't, we wanted to see the result lol. If this were true, i'd still wouldn't believe a single bit of it.

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If it worked for you tell the truth and say how plz! Dominic asked me if he wanted to walk me home after i won the international contest on style boutique 1 and before that his servant asked if i wanted to go for dinner with dominic and then he said oh never mind!! Maybe dominic will eventually walk you home maybe there will be a happily ever after I flame dating agency only surfing the web, until i stumbled across a peculiar chatroom about this, style boutique 2 dating You answer contain links, please input secret code from picture.

I'm not sure what i did but i had completed all the styles boutique 2 dating and everything then i went to his mansion and he was there and invited me to the park with him.

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Win the International Fashion Contest. It simply makes your character look ridiculous and doesn't work Even though it will be quite a treat to go out with a plastic guy, but this game was made for fashion.

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I dont think its possible to date dominic i mean isn't rennee like in love with him oh ya any cheats for international contest. I went that far with my crazyness that i people i'm not lying right now wore the plaid dress from dazies that looks like a shirt and pretended that it was one of dominic's old shirts