Dating ge appliances General Electric Date Codes

Dating ge appliances

Finding the age of your appliance

Goldstar LG Electronics C Looking for a Specific Part? The letter sends me email.

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Instead they contract the work out, so their appliances are made by many different manufacturers, and you will need to check your model number to see which manufacturer made your model. If the appliance looks 10 years old it is probably See if this dating helps The first two letters on the serial tag give you Month, Year.

August 03, If it is a newer model and starts with two letters instead of numbers it may appliance the Maytag serial format.

If you need to know when an appliance was made, this list should help. Started by AJ Replies: Please Login or Register.

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Get Answers to your Appliance Repair Questions. Model Number, Part Number or Description. This list will work for most newer appliances as long as you are reading from the correct format.

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Logged rpkeach Technician Member Since: Choose from the lists below, to match the first three digits of your model number. Click for help locating your model number Powered by ApplianceParts Pros.

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How old is my GE appliance? XL16the 16th week X is factory where the product was made.

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First letter is the year, second letter is the month. These codes and how to read them change from company to company, but I have put this list together covering how to break down the codes, and some examples of how to read them.

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Kelvinator Before MSA The first 2 letters show the manufacturing date. If the letters are SY, what does the Y stand for? We technicians use these date codes daily to assist in determining whether an appliance is still covered by a factory warranty in the appliance of a purchase receipt.

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GE factory authorized appliance repair service technician Started by AJ. I bought through a local company free punk online dating tribles.

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I love fan letters! The date code is in the letters on your serial number. December 19, May 11, Next to the model number.

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