Matchmaking fanfiction Fairy Tail Pool Party

Matchmaking fanfiction

Each table was set with large numbers placed in the middle.

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He sat beside Gajeel who could obviously listen due to dragon hearing like him. Levy and Gajeel are Table 1. Meredy loosened her grip around Mirajane a little.

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Who else lives this way? So you have to do it, for the greater good. I'm so sorry this chapter was so short, at least it was longer than the matchmaking.

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She turned and asked "When do we start? You should be proud. Behind her followed, Wendy, Erza, and Juvia, deciding to sit this fight out. At firs Lucy was startled at natsu's movements but soon melted in the kiss and kissed him back with equal passion.

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She could not help but stifle a quick chuckle at her friend's expense. When they got in Natsu started with a loud "hi" but stopped when all the males shushed him loudly.

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The room was filled with Valentine's Day decorations. It belongs to the wonderful Hiro Mashima.

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She didn't fool Ultear though, because since when has Cana ever been innocent. Your review has been posted. I've got an idea!

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After sorting out the results all night, they finally made their matches. Happy saw the Strauss sisters bickering in the Kitchen and decided to see what they were talking about. I think we're ready to go girl.

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