Warranted superior saw dating Got a Warranted Superior saw medallion need help dating it

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Christian connections speed dating American saws from the 20th century, regardless of brand name, were made in the works of Disston, Atkins, Bishop, or Simonds.

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What does the "X" stamped on the blade under the handle of a No. The Eagle Nothing is superior saw American than the eagle. Saint George is the patron of England.

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Warranted Superior warrants were made by some of the major saw makers such as Disston but most of them weren't. Often datings from the mid to late 's feature a Disston and Son etch on the blade and the earlier eagle medallion.

Honestly Bob, if you meant the latter this could take some time, but let me kick it off.

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Having said that though, we are better placed today than ever before to put together a database of WS medallions from both sides of the pond.

What is the purpose of the bump on the end of the saw blade?

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The variations seen in the 's and 50's may have been produced at the same time. Medallions from either the late 's or 's. Disston is listed as a saw and tool maker at 21 Bread St.

Warranted superior saw dating

Collector and researcher Phil Baker has coined the term "eagle in flight" to describe this superior saw medallion. Prior to that, there was a publication called "The Saw: Warranted Superior medallions are found on secondary lines manufactured by Disston and other major saw makers with other brand names on the etch.

Antique tool sellers, including buddhist dating app a big-name auctioneer and countless small-time dealers have made the mistake of saying the appearance of "and Son" followed by "and Sons" was a type of birth announcement.

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Andy, this is very interesting, thank you for sharing such a load of information. Saws, devices saws m mitre clamp.

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He believes the first Disston saw medallion is the one some refer to as the "Eagle in Flight. Were they fitted to English saws as replacements for broken English WS medallions?

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The first complete timeline of Disston handsaws was written by Pete Taran and published in the Winter issue of the Fine Tool Journal. These are links to the trade mark listing and an advertisement in the directory: They also appear on buildings old and new across the United Kingdom in the Royal Coat of Arms, which is similar to the UK coat of arms, but with an additional lion on top of the crown.

Is there any way of dating this style medallion, or knowing what saw it came off of, or where it was made?

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In the 's the company stopped production. Production figures are sketchy, but the Lumberman's Handbook that Disston published in datings production was "but a few saws" in"dozens per day" inand "hundreds of dozens per week" in When saws began being produced in the USA, some makers used the eagle WS medallion on their warrant line saws.

Some were found in online auction pictures and others were donated by visitors to the "Institute".

The brass is a repair to the handle after it was broken. I don't appraise tools.

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This is found more frequently than the previous medallion. I have tried all kinds of methods to remove rust.

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