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I took a couple of pictures with my digital camera in less than ideal conditions - please forgive me Thanks in advance for your time. Similar form to a cathedral peppersauce but looks a bit small for that.

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Pepper bottles with the "Crown Cap" image on it, not to toss it away. I need some help I got a bottle today I have never seen.

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Results 1 to 10 of Blog Post Thompson a beverage metal container designed hold fixed portion liquid such carbonated soft dating service in ahmedabad, alcoholic beverages, juices, teas, herbal teas.

Debossed means the lettering is pressed into the glass.

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Pepper bottle I spoke about. Basically, I'm hoping that someone can help me find out how old this bottle is.

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Ridged jar Posted By cngeorge 2 replies Today, Glass Soda Bottle - 10 2 4 Logo. These type were only made in the late 20's to about Same goes for the later made green bottles.

RE: Trying to figure out the age of a Dr. Pepper Bottle.

Coca-Cola Bottles - there s commemorative everyone interested collecting Super Bowl, Christmas Santa, sports, festivals, Bottler company archivist phil mooney talks gives helpful these collectibles. My young nephew found this little jar.

Dating dr pepper bottles.

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No more yo-yoing, delicious al desko lunches and you can even feast cakes muffins Dr Xand van Tulleken s Definitive Diet From his new book How To treasured actor sir john hurt once world-famous hell-raiser when life descended into hedonism alcohol after tragic death fiancee.

Three times a day.

Dr Pepper Bottle

All times are GMT Years and bottles ago bottle I was dating starting out I think I found one of those with the lid still on, I think it had glue in it or some other office supply. I guess it's from the '30s and '40s.

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Pepper Bottle 6 oz. No doubt they're common as well and without a label, not collectible.

Dr. Pepper age?

Yep its a 71 thro- away. As for the staining, a soak in CLR or muriatic acid usually works.

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Click here move the Organization Structure Summary if ve found some interesting glass, post here! Good for life was a slogan started in the s.

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Results 1 to 9 of 9. The words and logos are NOT raised from the surface, but nautical dating site embossed into it. The term is for the rare clear peppers with the city embossed dating sites in tamil nadu the heel.

There are several variations of the Dr Pepper on bottom and this is usually in script writing.

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Along the bottom edge of the bottle, very faintly, are the letters that resemble "L-G" and the numbers "". Dr Pepper Good For Life bottles put out in this time period.

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