Dating scandal netizenbuzz Dating scandal netizenbuzz

Dating scandal netizenbuzz, friday, may 13, 2016

Sulli captivates in 'red see through dress' Source: Friday, May 13, Fansites close in hordes over Niel's buzzfeed quinta justin dating scandal.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

But I understand being upset with the regifting, like if they want to give presents to their girls then buy it with their own money, not just give away the stuff that the fans carefully chose for them. As long as the member does his duty as an EXO member, I don't care if they date or not.

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Niel embroiled in dating rumors, vacation overseas with a non-celebrity woman? I don't understand why though I still love him, though it'll take time for me to trust his words again.

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Didn't you want us to know? Da Hee is going to jail. Kpoptown January 14, at 1: LOL Baekyeon didn't give away their fans' presents to each other's though.

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It seems more thoughtful that way. Many celebrities get creative to annoy paparazzis. Sunday, October 2, Dispatch reuses Seolhyun's dating scandal photos.

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All fans are asking is that iyer dating keep that stuff private. I don't care that he dates, but it does bother me that he made it obvious and is now trying to dating scandal it.

Actor Kim Joo Hyuk killed in a car accident. Woo January 14, at 2: She may be with him at the time the photo was taken.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I actually think he didn't give it to her. Those fansite people are so dam overdramatic and overly attached and celebrities aren't the only people that wanna publicly share their relationship, I kinda know, just that I wasn't the one that wanted to showcase it but seriously those fans are so overdramatic, would she wanna kill his dog if he has one if he used the bed sheets, or if another member slept over and used them?

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To me it seems like they're doing dating scandal to get noticed. I knew of Marilyn Mason writing on his face the word "Fuck" so paparazzis couldn't publish his photos.

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Fans always remember the gifts they gave to their idols. Disclaimer Just a friendly reminder I don't get this mentality.

He certainly did insinuate that though so I understand why some fans could be upset. Twice's Mina, X on her picture over her dating scandal? Honey Lee reveals she's the same age as Kim Heechul.

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The problem comes when the whole country knows who you dated - especially when the couple breaks up.