Can you hook up a telus phone to koodo Your browser is out of date.

Can you hook up a telus phone to koodo

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What kids do you know that need more than mins? Poor Grammar and being long winded don't fit well together, Oh well.

can you use a telus phone with koodo or koodo phone with telus

Put on your big-boy pants, friend. Read your terms and conditions and your contract again.

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People are really lost today. Wind gave their unlock free when they first opened.

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News Jan 15, 2: Legally, your service provider has to provide you with their terms and conditions. The Telus polygamy dating sites uk even told me it would be 5 cents per MB but he was wrong. And similarly for Telus and Koodo sim cards?

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Alot of people here are confusing the term "activating" You can have a virgin sim card and pass the Apple activation after you restore the phone You CANT have a virgin sim card and expect to open an account under bell. No overage fees with Koodo tho….

News Jul 5, 1: Once he updates his phone than it is re-locked. Sort by Author Post time Ascending Descending.

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Hon matchmaking slow to the Winners! What is this, year? Did you sign a contract or buy the phone in full from Rogers?

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You can choose any plan in house and still get your phone unlocked at koodo, this one was only supposed to be offered on SIM activations. So we have a consensus?

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It is not, I have two contracts here and neither says it, they were written in May Rotate image Save Cancel. They increased my data to MB for loyalty, not bad. Unlockedworks with Any Carrier.

For Jesse, getting his phone unlocked with Rogers would be his cheapest option. This is when it comes to iPhones. Hopefully the company opens it up again during back to school. Does not apply to iPhone….

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Where did you get mb of data in ? All was well until he tried to activate a payg voucher.

Are Telus/Koodo and Bell/Virgin sim cards interchangeable?

They do if you got the phone under the Tab. Only The original selling carrier can unlock iphone, so if you bring an iphone to unlock you will be told to go to the original carrier.

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Oh look its Alex the troll. There is no legitimate reason for an off contract phone to locked anyway.

Petro didn't recognise the account and Speakout couldn't access the account either. News Sep 19, 5: You exceeded your data limit by 5mb and got charged for the overage. Page 1 of 2 Jump to page: