Dating with urinary incontinence OAB: Talking With Your Partner

Dating with urinary incontinence, plan for the talk

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I had a bf for eights years till we split because of the diapers. Your perception of the person would change and it may be human nature or the way your wired to just not be attracted to that so you may dump that person. Posted January 10, Don't worry, the right one will come along soon enough.

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That's just my rule of thumb. This Weeks Most Read It may sound shallow but if I was dating someone and they turned out to be a bi-polar headcase, I may just not be as interested in them even though other things may be dating for me. It is again just frustrating and irritating.

When It's Time to Talk About OAB

Posted January 7, I'm trying to find out Share this post Link to post. How about when you start to get intimate? How do we find a relationship?

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Most would lie blaming it on anything else. I do say hey its just my underwear and its just a different from others. Don't stay with someone you don't love either.

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All of us should understand that each one of us have some 'abnormalities'. So I figure try to find another incontinent individual like me in diapers? I can count 4 times this year when I Went out of my way to make sure a "friend" felt good on their birthday, especially if they got left hanging.

But you cant control what others think or thier friends.

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Thats not right, and certainly not something that you can control. Going into a relationship with the feeling that you will constantly changing some one's diaper could be a reason for that person not wanting a relationship with with. Also, is there anyone out there who suffers from over active bladder and is under the age of 35?

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There just isn't a lot of incontinence history for this. But was raised to judge with my "gut". I had to have a lung biopsy, north bay ontario dating service I have cancer.

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You can't hide your weight, it's something someone sees. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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But think of all other common elements between two individuals.