Cs go global elite matchmaking MODERATORS

Cs go global elite matchmaking

Sunde View Profile View Posts. And don't come telling me faceit is too easy.

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You missed his point. If you had a 5th, you wouldnt be making this post.

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Besides starting a game in altpug can take ages friends reunited dating cost there is a risk your friends can't be on your team.

The fact that you can Q with more than 2 ppl is also retarded.

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Playing against 'closet' cheaters was the way to get Global Elite before. Even if it matchmakings more than 10 mins to get one going.

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Goliath View Profile View Posts. I think you should simply take a look at yourself, realise you aren't as good at the game as you think you are so you can begin to actually improve. Did they add an elo system? You can try and say Im wrong but it blatantly obvious.

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Therefore, just go the fuck away. Remember me Forgot password.

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Not much you can do. By the way, without stating why we lost TLDR version we lost A every time, I held B appsis a completely recoverable score if you win the pistol round as Ts, which we did, but we lost an anti-eco.

MGE players are not Global. What should we call you? You reach max level at elo or something like that. Swe retard, I've now concluded you don't know shit about CS.

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I hope there will soon be some kind of personal ID system that will allow us to get rid of people like you forever. It has always been elo. If you are unskilled, switch to Farmville and don't touch my game.

Sometimes I've got 3 or 4 games in a row elite people aimbotting with no shame, then there are the more subtle ones that only really start pulling obvious shit once they've lost rounds. Look at the vid description, I've said I was eating while free-running and shit.

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For that you needed to play without mistakes and have a good aim, you improved that way. Global Elite Matchmaking after the Vac Wave. Tho if you havent bought faceit unlimited, or premium, you can't see the elo.

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Plus, when I see plays like these, it just doesn't make me want to play anymore, I literally went and made myself a steak to eat while this game. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

The banwaves was awesome.

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Almost lost my sanity a few hours back: A couple hours ago I achieved the highest rank in this game and I can say that you only need SOME skill and determination to succeed in this game.