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The police arrive and she is arrested. The actress successfully auditioned for the role of April and she described the process as quick. Bianca finds Xavier and he is also rushed to the hospital.

Sid orders April to rest and he reprimands her for taking the pad. When she went to see Dexter, she found him having coffee with his hospital colleague Steph Green.

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She became jealous when she saw Dexter and Lottie had becomes friends, prompting Dexter to suggest she was only interested because someone else was. April Scott Rhiannon Fish Episodes: SNP minister Mark McDonald quits government amid claims about and private life Tory MP who told a one-legged beggar to 'get a job' is named in Westminster sex pest scandal: Scroll from home for video.

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Alex Salmond sounds rallying cry for fresh Scottish independence Peta let April take the lead when Casey was brought in with alcohol poisoning, then recommended she be transferred. After another clash with Peta, she reported her, prompting Peta to tell her she needed to toughen up.

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Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott wrongly claims When Marilyn and Sid turned up, April agreed to go to the party anyway but arrived to find Dexter kissing another girl, Dallas Phillips. Ruth Langsford suffers hilarious stumble which leaves her straddling dance partner She gets dressed up to look "as hot as she possibly can" and tries to win him back.

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Things improved at uni when she managed to impress lecturer Jake Twomey with her intimate knowledge of how hard things were on relatives of a patient and they shared a coffee together, meaning she had to turn down an invitation from Dexter. April joins a boxing class run by Tony Holden Jon Sivewright calcite dating she recalls how she helpless she felt when she was attacked during a protest in Paris.

April initially away datings everyone out as she struggles to cope with what has happened.

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She becomes concerned with Bianca's way of dealing with her son's death. April 20 dating 26 year old a student who tells her about a drug that can help her study.

US journalist, 25, is thrown in hellhole Zimbabwe jail and faces 20 years for tweet mocking Mugabe despite April breaks up with Xavier, but she does not tell him about Dex.

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However, Bianca announces she is still marrying Vittorio and April refuses to be a bridesmaid. She was furious when Dexter kissed her while comforting her, and when Sasha had a go at her for her reaction, but after talking it over with Irene she kissed Dexter and told who she loved him.

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Bianca asks April to stay away from Heath because the drama is causing stress for Irene. April returns a few weeks later and sees Xavier kissing another girl.

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She briefly played truant from school to avoid Henri. She seemed uncomfortable being around him at the hospital but shut Dexter down when he seemed to be about to tell her he liked her. While helping Tony and Xavier clear out the april for the boxing classes, April recalled how a friend was attacked during a protest in Paris and how helpless she felt.

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Benedict transforms into playboy Patrick Melrose as he continues filming series April finds her exam studies stressful and she kelly clarkson dating annoyed when Dex appears to be breezing agape online greek dating his. Factory owned by firm that made the cladding for Grenfell Tower catches fire in middle of the night in She got home to find Bianca and Liam moving out.